Texas Holdem Poker Tips – Winning Starting Hands Strategy

Were you aware there are 169 two hand starting combinations when you play texas holdem? More importantly, did you know what just two hands are worth playing and which aren’t?

If you don’t know that, then these are most likely the main texas holdem poker hints you can read if you want to be powerful and also make money playing with bandarqq the game.

Listed here are the pre flop starting hands plays and how they should be played based on where you are sat on the desk – whether offline or online. Carefully observing when to play then is critical if you want to win this terrific game.

Hands you perform in any respect:


Ace-Ace pairs all of the way down to 7-7.

Ace with King, or Queen, or Jack or Ten.

King with either Queen, Jack and Ten.

Queen using either Jack or Ten.

Jack with ten or nine.

Unsuited Cards:

A-K into A T; KQ and KJ

Hands played mid or late standing

66 and 5-5

Ace-nine to A6; King-Nine; Queen-Nine and Q-8; J-8; Ten-Eight; 9-8

Unsuited Cards:

King-Ten; QJ and Q-T; Jack-Ten

Hands Played in overdue Ranking Only

4-4; 3-3; 2-2

Suited Cards:

A 5 into A-2

K-8 into K2


T 7

97; 9-6


7-6; 7-6



Unsuited Cards:

A 9 into A-7

K 9

Q 9

J-9; J-8

T-9; T8

9-8; 97

Unplayable Hands (or cards you should never play in any position):

Basically all that are not mentioned previously should be lost unless you really feel like throwing or depositing your money away.

Using the plays above will already give advantage and you that many players don’t know about.

Take note that these hints should perhaps not be blindly followed. When you have situations where the kettle is increased and re-raised you will need to think about flatter play as well as not play certain hands to lessen the danger to your bankroll. In other words, use your common sense, this is most likely the next most essential texas hold em poker tips you should watch at most times.

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